Bupa Pet Insurance Policy Values 2019


Pet ownership is on the rise in Australia. As many have come to own dogs, cats and many other animal companions more concerns come to light. Veterinary expenses are not a niche concern. The costs can get very high as pet health issues are not as well known as human medical needs. To help alleviate the [...]

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Top 4 Best Alternatives of Hollard Insurance in Australia in 2019


Insurance is now a part of basic life for people. At every crucial point of life, insurance helps people to get monetary relief. Hollard Insurance is one such name in Australia that provides an array of insurances. The company is providing home, pet, travel, car, and bicycle insurances in Australia. What is Hollard Insurance – an [...]

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How to Get Southern Cross Insurance for Travel in 2019


Every year, many people travel for pleasure or business. Only in 2017, the outbound trips by Australians were 9,118,000. According to the Australian Tourism Statistics 2019, 5,115,000 people went for international trips for holiday in 2017. Southern Cross Insurance is a premium brand in Australia for providing travel insurance. The winner of so many awards in [...]

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Bingle Car Insurance Review 2019


Car insurance is an essential need for every car owner. No matter what part of the world you drive, you must have the car insurance. In Australia also, a plethora of car insurance service providers are active. Today let us discuss Bingle Car Insurance. Before moving to the Bingle car insurance review, let me clear the [...]

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How to Get the RACQ Pet Insurance in 2019


Pets are the best companion of human. In reality, you cannot depend on your closest friend every time for emotional and physical support. But, pets never deceive. They are always there to lighten your mood and support you emotionally. However, the high-cost veterinary bill sometimes becomes a big hazard to have a pet. Thanks to the [...]

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8 Best Alternatives to Dodo Car Insurance in Australia


The Dodo car insurance company declared on 29 March 2018 that it would no longer provide the car insurance service. The news was a shock to the existing customers. The company backed its all insurance-related operations. It also stated to focus only on the core products. However, the existing customers get the full 1-year cover even [...]

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Apia Health Insurance for Over 50s: 2019 Review


Apia Health Insurance for over 50s aims to fill the gap by offering an insurance plan specially tailored for older Australians. As you get older, your health insurance needs change. So it makes sense to have an insurance policy that caters to those needs. After all, you don't want to pay for unnecessary services! And that's [...]

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CIL Insurance for Caravans: 2019 Review


CIL Insurance fills a gap that many of us tend to forget exists. Rather than offering insurance for traditional homes and vehicles, the company has made a name for itself doing the opposite. Caravans, camper trailers, and motorhomes aren't what most people would consider the norm. But for many others, these and other RVs are exactly [...]

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Budget Direct Car Insurance Review 2019


The policy you can get from Budget Direct Car Insurance is one of the best you can get on the market. It has won multiple awards highlighting exactly why they are the best in the business. They've won Canstar's Outstanding Value Car award 12 years in a row and Money Direct's Insurer of the year 2010, [...]

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Woolsworth Home Insurance Review


Woolsworth has been in Australia for nearly a hundred years. It's a huge brand that has been highly successful with its services and ventures often because of its popularity. Woolsworth Home Insurance is one of the insurance products the company offers. When you search for reviews of the company online, you'll find a plethora of negative [...]

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