How to Get Southern Cross Insurance for Travel in 2019

Every year, many people travel for pleasure or business. Only in 2017, the outbound trips by Australians were 9,118,000. According to the Australian Tourism Statistics 2019, 5,115,000 people went for international trips for holiday in 2017. Southern Cross Insurance is a premium brand in Australia for providing travel insurance.

The winner of so many awards in the travel insurance sector, Southern Cross is providing travel insurance for many years. The company has won the MOZO exceptional Travel comprehensive award. It has also won the Mozo Exceptional Value Cruise Award 2018. Southern Cross is the winner of the Product Review Travel Insurance Award 2017. has also kept the company in the finalist of 2017 Best Travel Insurance comprehensive.

Why Do You Need Travel Insurance?

Insurance whether for life, motor, travel or any other, is a protection against the monetary loss during any misshapen. We live in a world of uncertainty where anything can happen the next second.

During travel to an unknown town, travel insurance is always handy. In any loss or damage, accident or death, an emotional loss is hard to cover. But, the financial loss is also significant. Imagine you have to bear both the emotional loss and financial loss simultaneously in an unknown destination. How will you manage when everyone is a stranger?

Travel insurance helps you to get the financial help immediately when you are in dire need. It saves you from the burden of arranging finances when you are already going through the bad phase.

Types of Insurance Southern Cross Insurance Offer:

Southern Cross Insurance offers International travel covers under the comprehensive Travel Care Insurance. Some of the salient features are:

  • The company covers unlimited medical and evacuation expenses if there is an unexpected event during the journey.
  • The company also allows travelers to increase the cover based on the cost of the journey.
  • The travelers also get the cover against the damaged or lost baggage.
  • If someone steals or damages the personal item, Southern Cross also covers the loss.
  • In case of an accident, the company also cover the rental car excess
  • The travelers get emergency dental treatment
  • In the case of a mishap, the company also covers the funeral costs.
  • The company covers the journey up to 12 months for multiple destinations. For that, Southern Cross offers Annual multi-trip policies.

What Else Does the Southern Cross Insurance Cover?

  • The company also covers the loss of travel documents. If you have lost or damaged your passport or travel documents, the company offers claims up to $1000 per person. It will cover a maximum of $2000 per family.
  • In the case of an overseas accident that results in death within 90 days of a journey, the company pays $25,000 per person. The maximum limit is $50,000 per family between the ages of 16-80 years.
  • It also covers the permanent and irreversible disability causing inability to work after the journey.

The optional cover:

  • Moped and Motorbike Cover
  • Skiing and snowboarding

What Facilities Does the Southern Cross Insurance Provide for Senior Citizens?

Southern Cross Insurance

For old travelers, finding the right travel policy is a headache. They have to face many hazards like age-limits, pre-existing conditions, additional premiums, and cover restrictions.

Here, Southern Cross insurance is a big relief to the old age travelers. It provides all the travel insurance facilities to the old people as for the general people. Of course, the pre-existing conditions applied to elderly people. They have to submit the required medical certificate and pay the extra cost in terms of excess premium to get the cover.

Can Pregnant Women Get the Insurance Cover?

Many insurance companies hesitate to provide travel insurance to a pregnant woman. The health hazard, the risk of miscarriage or death and other complications restricts insurance companies to cover pregnancy.

Thankfully, Southern Cross Insurance covers pregnant women for some extents. They cover the cost or losses relating to the pregnancy only up to the 20th week. Of course, pregnant women must have any complications before the start date of the insurance cover.

TravelCare cover for pregnant women is only limited to medical complications. The company also covers single and multiple-fetus pregnancy. Even if you conceived through fertility treatment, the company covers you.

Apparently, the company covers both old age travelers and pregnant women under the TravelCare cover. This includes the benefits of comprehensive covers.

What Are the Documents You Need?

Documentation is an integral part of any insurance. In the lack of documents, getting travel insurance is almost impossible. The documents requirement depends upon the individual insurance companies. However, some general documents that every travel insurance companies demand are:

  • Your identity proof
  • Your permanent address proof
  • The passport
  • Medical certificate
  • Doctor’s permission if you have a chronic disease, you are an old age person or you are pregnant.
  • The duration of the trip
  • Bank details for the premium

Things Needed to Check Before Buying Travel Insurance:

When you are buying travel insurance, it is important to check certain things. Here, I have listed some essential checklist before finalizing a travel insurance company:

  • You must read carefully the included benefits for getting the policy.
  • It is much important to read carefully what the insurance companies are excluding.
  • Compare the included and excluded with your travel needs. Also, compare this with the other travel insurance providers.
  • What is the mode of contacting travel insurance while you are overseas?
  • The documents and paperwork needed
  • The total cost of the premium along with an excess cover
  • The credit limit for claims for individual and family


Getting travel insurance is tricky. However, several companies provide insurance for travelers; you need to choose carefully the best one. The Southern Cross Insurance can be a choice because of its good reviews. But, do not get bewitched by the brand. Every traveler has some specific needs. Choose the travel policy after comparing and reading carefully. After all, it is all about a pleasurable trip and you cannot risk it.

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