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Travel insurance can often be seen as an unnecessary expense when planning a vacation. A trip abroad already costs a lot of money when you think about it. You spend on travel tickets, hotels, food, and all the other fun things a holiday entails. How much are you really willing to spend on insurance for something that you’re already doing your best to avoid? This is where Tick Travel Insurance shines.

Tick boasts one of the cheapest services you can find on the market. And on top of all that, it’s quick and easy to avail. Their Basic package is one of, if not, the cheapest on the market that can be found. It provides a lot of value for its cost, but it’s also important to remember that it’s still cheap insurance. There won’t be covered for a lot of things and this can be a real drawback for travelers with specific needs.

Know how to choose the best travel insurance for yourself.

Tick Travel Insurance Basic

Price is a very big factor in Tick’s deals. The cheapest deal you can get on their Basic package should be about $18.98. A week in Bali, for a 25-year-old should be about $20.43. What does this get you? You get Medical Expenses, Emergency Expenses, Personal Liability, and Baggage benefits. Good coverage for a small price. Each of these features come with their own particular details that you should read more about on their Product Disclosure Statement.

Talk to someone from Tick if you’re already aware of possible risks in traveling. Adding more cost to your premium is a small price to pay for something you’re fairly certain about.

Medical Coverage

Practically every travel insurance provider gives you unlimited medical coverage. A pre-existing health condition might be a different story, but you’ll be good with everything else. In this case, Tick travel insurance is the best option as you will get marginally the same level of service anywhere else.

Remember to be honest when you disclose medical information on their medical history questionnaire. You’ll be saving yourself from claim issues down the line if something does actually happen to you. Many online horror stories come from people unable to make a claim because of something they didn’t disclose early on. Don’t be one of those people.

Additionally, you need to remind yourself of how much you will actually save in medical costs. Most countries in Asia do not have subsidized medical care. You will save yourself hundreds of thousands in the event that you need actual medical care and even surgery.


Sometimes bad things can just happen and things spiral out of control. Tick Travel Insurance gives you coverage up to $1,000,000. Other companies like Insure4less gives you up to $2,500,000 to cover liability charges, but how much does this value really matter? The only reason the numbers are so high is that these are the least likely events to happen. No one wants grievous accidents to happen and there are a million safeguards against it. Paying just a little bit more for the peace of mind a bigger claim can give should not be your concern. If a one in a million accident happens where you’re liable, the chances that it will cost more than a million dollars is not that high.

Emergency Expenses

It’s a little tricky to define the parameters of an emergency expense and how important it is in some cases. Emergency expenses cover surprise costs that suddenly make your trip more expensive, your trip is suddenly disrupted or you suddenly need to return home to Australia. These may cover a lot of things and it’s important to phone the emergency service to get advice on the situation as it arises.

So what kind of things can you file a claim for? Tick’s Product Disclosure statement suggests that if you cut your trip short because of an emergency back home, you are covered by the emergency expense. This is not to be confused with the benefit of getting a claim due to the cancellation of a different nature. If you’re home or business premises in Australia is seriously damaged, this qualifies as an emergency. You’ll be able to make a claim for up to $5,000 depending on the travel situation. This also only applies if you are currently on your trip and not before.

The most useful event this feature covers is the loss of passports or travel documents. Tourists are definitely targets of passport theft and more often than not, this can happen at an airport. If this happens, it’s good to have some peace of mind that you have some level of coverage.

Baggage Expenses

Baggage expenses are a bit tricky to find value for at the Basic package. On the one hand, it can cover you for things like clothes or other personal items that go missing in your baggage. This sounds like the kind of problem that resolves itself with a quick trip to the mall, but you really can’t account for how horrible it can be at the time it happens. You do need to note that expensive things like cameras, mobile phones, and laptops are not covered by this. It solves a minor inconvenience but does not really give a lot more value to what the Basic package already delivers.

After all these things to consider, it also pays to be a smart traveler. When disaster strikes quickly get in touch with your emergency insurance contact. If you lose things from your luggage you need to do a bunch of things to make a successful claim in the future. People can’t make a claim for the lost property if they didn’t make a police report within 24 hours of the item going missing. Be vigilant and get things sorted as soon as you possibly can.

Is Tick Travel Insurance for me?

In 2016, almost 300,000 Australian travelers made insurance claims. Out of that number, 15% were not able to get a payout because they didn’t read the fine print of their policy. Tick Travel Insurance always reminds its customers to pick the policy that’s right for them. There is a surprising amount of people who have unrealistic expectations from a budget insurance policy.

People who know they have preexisting medical conditions are really careful about who to pick before traveling abroad. Be aware of your own needs before you make your own choice. Getting a good insurance deal is only a success if it was able to serve you when you need it the most. You may not get the cheapest that Tick has to offer, but they still offer a valuable service on their more expensive tiers.

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