Woolsworth Home Insurance Review

Woolsworth has been in Australia for nearly a hundred years. It’s a huge brand that has been highly successful with its services and ventures often because of its popularity. Woolsworth Home Insurance is one of the insurance products the company offers.

When you search for reviews of the company online, you’ll find a plethora of negative reviews from many different product review websites. At a glance, it’s quite staggering to see how a big name can have such a negative reputation. After all, the reviews come from actual customers and this is word of mouth from actual experiences.

Woolsworth Home Insurance Policies

Home insurance is a deathly important thing to have. After all, you do practically everything at home. Your loved ones live there and that’s where you keep your valuables. Just like a lot of home insurance companies in Australia and around the world, Woolsworth offers building insurance, content insurance and a combination of the two. It has developed a reputation for offering very affordable deals when you start out with them. But as a lot of customers point out, the yearly cost can and will increase. This isn’t secret information and will be something that you can find in your policy.

Both building and content insurance cover you for a range of things which include acts of nature like storms, flooding, fire or earthquakes. You can get the best value out of your policy if you get the combined Building and Contents Insurance. If you purchase the combined policy online, you can get 30% off on your premiums.

Contents Insurance Policy

Getting a Woolsworth policy that covers your contents can give you peace of mind. Should an insured event take place, you can easily get a replacement. But, there are a few things that aren’t covered by this policy. Any gas or electric appliance does not get replaced. TVs damaged by fire cannot be claimed under this policy. Your refrigerator doesn’t get covered if it’s damaged in a flood.

Likewise, any plant or animal does not get covered by this insurance. Restoration of a prized garden that was ruined by an earthquake or gale-force winds will sadly have to come out of your own pockets. Pets that are truly irreplaceable, can only be covered by a pet insurance policy.

Additionally, comprehensive contents insurance covers damage to items in transit to your new home within Australia.

Building Insurance Policy

Your property needs to meet a minimum requirement before it can be defined as a home by Woolworth. It needs to be fully enclosed with a roof, you’re able to lock it up, and it actually needs to be used for domestic purposes. It can include fixtures or improvements within the property as well as a garage. The coverage even extends to your lawn and plants in your lawn to some extent.

Consider anything that you can move around to not be covered by home insurance. This includes above ground pools and spas, caravans and trailers.

Home Insurance Claim Issues

It is often easy to dismiss complaints as the words of a very vocal minority. Woolsworth Home insurance is a big business that has hundreds of thousands of customers that avail of their product. The people that make negative reviews, however, are probably less than 500 people. On the other side of that argument is the consideration that an overwhelming majority are negative reviews.

On Product Review Australia, Woolsworth Home Insurance only has a combined 48 reviews that give it 4 or 5 stars. As of writing, there are 137 reviews that give it 1 or 2 stars. This means that a staggering 73% of reviews are negative.

Woolsworth might not have an image problem, but this certainly isn’t good for the home insurance division of their company.

The majority of the complaints are almost always about claims. Let’s face it, that’s the only time you’ll complain about your insurer unless you’re complaining about how much you’re paying.

When you read about how long it takes the company to organize repair or replacement, it doesn’t fill you with a lot of confidence. Unfortunately, this is a harsh reality for claims big and small.

Looking at poor reviews needs to be taken with a grain of salt. There are reviews with very legitimate concerns where an issue has dragged on for months. But there are also reviews where expectations are not managed. You have the right to complain if you feel cheated, but some deals have caveats.


Addressing Concerns

Woolworth’s customer service team works hard to get in touch with each person who contacts them.  This includes emails, chats and phone calls. For each concern, there’s always a response from the team that tries to be as helpful as possible.

Customers may think differently about how effective the customer service and claims team is, but this brings something else to light. They’re probably understaffed and cannot respond as effectively as they should.


You cannot decide on home insurance by weighing the value of a deal alone. Woolsworth Home Insurance presents a very attractive package, especially with its combined home and contents policy. Reviews and experiences of real customers influence a good decision, but it can be tricky.

Woolworth’s policies feature a lot of positive benefits with a range of options. Before jumping in, look deeper into the fine print of the policy. Determine if it’s the right plan for yourself.

Most insurance reviews you will see will come from a group of people who have made claims. Strong emotions embody part of their decision to write negative reviews and you will hardly find people who give positive feedback.

Woolworth should improve on several things before it can get a strong recommendation from its customers. Their customer service and claims teams need to grow to meet the demands of their clients. Customers may not get slow responses on the first contact, but it seems like follow-ups are slow. Long call queues mean, more team members need to pick up those phones.

At the end of the day, only a better performance prevents unhappy customers from writing bad reviews.

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